Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life, Playing Cards, and Roller Coasters

Have you ever heard that old expression, life dealt you a bad hand?  Think about it for a minute.  It really would seem at times that we are playing a never ending game of cards with life.  Sometimes he deals us a good hand, sometimes a bad hand.  The real trouble is, whenever you get comfortable and win a couple of hands in a row, life, being a sore loser, flips over the card table and leaves you scrambling around playing fifty-two card pick up.
As soon as life seems to be taking on a manageable rhythm, a manageable roller coaster of ups and downs,  you go around that blind corner and over an unforeseen edge.  In the end though, both in cards and roller coasters, there is an end.  You will manage to pick up all the cards eventually.  The ride does stop somewhere.  The question is if you will get back on for another ride, start another game of cards, or if you will quite.  That's where we get to see who we really are.


  1. All those bad hands and blind corners is what makes you really appreciate all the good hands and manageable rhythms. That's how you discover what happiness can feel like. That can be hard to remember though when you're caught in the middle of it.

  2. That is true, I can think about the ad hand that is being dealt at BYU football right now. We are having a chance to see who the true fans are, the ones who don't leave early and those who will keep coming even when the team is bad.
    But football aside for a moment you can see that it is true in life as well. As long as we continue to come back the game of cards we will win out in the end I believe.

  3. Interesting fact about that game. I have never, ever walked out of a game, even during the Crowton era, when we lost all our games. Even with pouring rain, I would be there, cheering on my team. But I was felt so disappointed and deceived by our team that I was physically ill during the fourth quarter of last nights game and left. That could be included in the after effects of life flipping over my card table. Dirtbag...

  4. Thanks for this post. This is very relevant to my life right now. Things have been a crazy roller coaster full of poorly dealt hands. Your post made me see that there is an end eventually. Last night things took a turn for the better and I'm hoping that it means that the end is near. :)